Wavex® Glass Cleaner with Rain Repellent Technology (500ml) with Microfiber Towel
Wavex glass cleaner with rain repellent technology improves wet weather driving visibility and is easy to use. The glass cleaner applies water beading technology to enhance your driving visibility. It also cleans the glass so well that it became invisible...
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Wavex® Glass Polish Cum Hard Water Spot Remover
Water spots are mineral stains left over after a droplet evaporates. These stains leave chalky white residue on paint, metal, glass and plastic. If not cleaned quickly, even from glass, water spot minerals can etch into the material and leave...
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Wavex® Glass Cleaner Liquid Prime Heavy Blue Concentrate
Wavex glass cleaner prime heavy blue concentrate is concentrated glass cleaner. It can be diluted with 19 times water, total you will get 20 liters of ready glass cleaner, which means 40 bottles of 500 ml each. Makes 20 litres...
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