WaveX Matte Wash Bike And Car Shampoo- Foaming Shampoo For Matte Bikes and Cars

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• Premium vehicle wash shampoo developed by WaveX Auto Care for effectively cleaning matte wrap/ matte painted surfaces and components.

• Streak free formula that seamlessly removes dust, dirt, debris and road grime off of matte surfaces and components.

• Does not scratch or tarnish matte surfaces. Does not add an unnecessary shine to matte surfaces.

• pH neutral bike and car wash bike shampoo that can also be used in sunlight.

• Consists of luscious smoothing agents that will have your bike or car's matte surfaces look excellent for several years

• Foam wash and bucket wash compatible shampoo for matte bikes and cars.

• For bucket wash, add approximately 25 ml of the shampoo in the WaveX Wash Bucket filled with 4-5 ltrs of water.

• For foam wash, add 100 ml of the shampoo to the WaveX Foam Cannon and fill the remaining with approximately 900 ml water.

• For effectively preserving and maintaining the matte look of your car or bike, pair the WaveX Matte Wash Shampoo with the WaveX Matte Finish Maintainer.

• Available in 350 ml, 1 ltr and 5 ltr variants.



Before the invention of the revolutionary WaveX Matte Finish Maintainer, most vehicle owners would use regular vehicle wash shampoos or even hair wash shampoos to wash their matte painted vehicles. The invention of the WaveX Matte Finish Maintainer brought about a storm in the auto detailing scene as it effectively cleaned, protected and maintained matte surfaces and components however, a challenge that professional auto detailers or DIY car care enthusiast used to face when using the WaveX Matte Finish Maintainer was that if would sometimes become an arduous task to clean extremely dirty matte vehicles with the WaveX Matte Finish Maintainer. Following in the footsteps of its previous invention and considering the challenges that would arise while cleaning mate components/ surfaces, WaveX Auto Care now presents the WaveX Matte Wash Shampoo, a dedicated vehicle wash shampoo formulated and developed specifically for cars and bikes with matte/ satin wraps or finishes.

Recent trends in the auto industry are witnessing a rise in the manufacturing of matte painted vehicles as it is being warmly welcomed by vehicle owners for its bold and crisp looks however, matte surfaces pose special detailing challenges. Using ordinary vehicle washing shampoos and solutions tends to damage matte surfaces in the long run by adding an unnecessary shine to it furthermore, matte paints are extremely sensitive to contamination in the form of pollution, hard water spots, dirt, dust, grime, bug splatter, bird droppings and much more.

The WaveX Matte Wash Shampoo is the best auto care shampoo that effectively tackles all the aforementioned problems and challenges. This auto care wonder consists of special lubricants infused in every single drop that ensures your matte surfaces aren’t dry post washing. With the WaveX Matte Wash Shampoo you can rest assured that it will neither scratch nor etch matte wraps or paints.

A challenge that professional detailers and DIY car care enthusiasts used to face with the WaveX Matte Finish Maintainer

So if you are a car/ bike enthusiast who has had his/her eyes on a certain matte vehicle but have hesitated in purchasing it due to harsh weather conditions or surroundings, you should now go ahead and purchase your ‘dream matte vehicle’ but make sure that you purchase a variant of the WaveX Matte Shampoo to along with it.

It is very easy to use. All you need to do is add 100ml of the shampoo to 900 ml of water in a foam cannon for foam wash whereas for bucket wash add 15-20 ml of the shampoo to a washing bucked filled with approximately 4 ltrs of water. Use a wash mitt or WaveX Washing Sponge/ Microfiber Cloth along while washing your vehicle for best results.

WaveX Matte Wash Bike And Car Shampoo- Foaming Shampoo For Matte Bikes and Cars
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India India

Awsm product

Very nice........... .



Thanks for your positive review and a 5-star rating.

Yash m.
India India

1st ever matt shampoo

That’s good , but I’m worry about my matt body



Thanks for your 5-star rating. You don't need to worry as this product is specially formulated to wash matte vehicles. It will effectively clean, protect and maintain matte surfaces and components

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