WaveX Strip Wash Shampoo- Removes Old Waxes, Polishes, Sealants and Glaze from All Cars and Bikes

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• Deep surface cleaning vehicle wash shampoo manufactured by WaveX Auto Care.

• Extraordinary concentrated blend developed to strip off wax, sealants, glaze or any other dressers.

• Shampoo behaves like a full strength degreaser, old school dish soap and vehicle shampoo all in one minus their ‘component drying properties’.

• Allows you to prepare your vehicle for the next round of detailing such as paint correction, wax, ceramic coating or sealant.

• Powerful super concentrated vehicle shampoo that leaved no residue behind. Ideal for professional vehicle washing, detailing centers and DIY car care enthusiasts.

• Its high suds formula safely cleans your vehicle while removing contaminants, fallout, overspray and other exterior imperfections

• Extremely powerful vehicle wash shampoo that effectively gets the job done but will not damage/ harden premium microfiber cloths, washing sponges or wash mitts.

• Works extremely well with both- manual bucket washing method and with foam cannons.

• Highly recommended for professional vehicle washing/ detailing centers and DIY car care enthusiasts before coating their vehicles with professional ceramic coating products.

• Available in 350 ml, 1 ltr and 5 ltr pack sizes.


Are you guilty of washing your vehicle with a normal vehicle wash shampoo before re applying waxes, dressers, polishes, coatings or sealants? Did you know that normal vehicle wash shampoo doesn’t completely strip off the aforementioned detailing products and when you reapply these detailing products, you run a risk of locking dirt, contamination and other minute unseen and undesired particles into your vehicle’s paint?

If you are doing this, then you should remember that this is something that doesn’t fall under the ‘best detailing practices’ category of professional auto detailing.

The best and recommended method is to use the WaveX Strip Wash Shampoo which truly cleans your vehicle by clearing old wax or sealants that have built up over the years. Leaving old wax, grease and contamination on paintwork ruins fresh car detailing. Fresh wax, sealants or coatings stick better directly to the paint not to old faded wax or coatings. Old wax and sealants also tend to clog buffing and polishing pads. Washing away these old coatings is much more effective and easier using the WaveX Strip Wash Shampoo rather than trying to remove it using a clay bar. Using our strip wash shampoo will help you expose the vehicle’s paint in all its glory which in turn will help you establish a ‘true shine or conditioning’ when applying detailing products.

It is a wonderful vehicle wash solution for detailers who are going to apply a polishing or a rubbing compound as it will reveal all the swirls or scratches that have been present on the vehicle but have been hidden away due to accumulation of unwanted layers of detailing products, waxes or sealants. This in turn will help you provide a better detailing and paint correction experience for your clients.

In the old days, professional detailers would prep their vehicle for a full scale detailing job by using caustic dish washing liquids/ soaps, laundry detergents, concentrated degreasers and other similar products but the problem with using such materials on vehicle’s would be that they would remove wax, sealants, dressers etc at the cost of ‘extremely drying’ and etching painted surfaces, plastic components, glass etc and would also leave behind streaks, stains and spots all over its surface.

Using our strip wash shampoo will not only help you in effectively clearing your vehicle’s exterior surfaces but will also help you prevent streaks, stains while ensuring that your vehicle’s paint doesn’t get etched.

Our strip wash shampoo is both bucket wash and foam cannon compatible. For bucket wash add approximately 15-20 ml of the shampoo to a washing bucket filled with approximately 4 ltrs of water whereas for foam cannons, add approximately 100 ml of the shampoo to a foam cannon filled with 900 ml of water.

WaveX Strip Wash Shampoo- Removes Old Waxes, Polishes, Sealants and Glaze from All Cars and Bikes

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