• With Wavex- Why less is more?

    With Wavex- Why less is more?
    Applying wavex carnauba wax, vinyl and rubber protectants, leather treatment, and waxes is hardly a difficult skill. Using wavex products sparingly produces stunning results. We’ll explain why less is more. When you use wavex products, you are using products which are formulated with high quality ingredients which, because of their nature and composition, require only modest amounts of product for outstanding results.
  • How to wax a car?

    How to wax a car?
    Preparing Your Car for Waxing Make sure that your car has been washed prior to waxing it. See our How to Wash Your Car article. Use wavex one step polishing compound to clean the surface of the paint before waxing. It will remove any dirt particles embedded in the paint surface which washing cannot remove. Also, wavex one step polishing compound will clean the...
  • Protecting Vinyl & Rubber Components

    Protecting Vinyl & Rubber Components
    Exposure of plastic parts and vinyl seats, interior doors, dashboards and other trim parts will fade over a period of time due to the heat from sunlight as well as ultraviolet rays which can discolor, fade, and crack vinyl surfaces.
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