WaveX Graphene Ceramic Coating
Highlights: Scientifically advanced monocrystalline Si02+ Graphene infused coating developed to guard your vehicle against weather, pollutants, chemicals and UV rays. >10H hardness ultra-durable coating that provides a protective barrier when applied to paint, glass headlights, chrome, wheels, trims, vinyl wraps...
Rs. 9,999.00 Rs. 4,490.00
WaveX 9H Quartz Ceramic Coating for Car and Bike
  Highlights 9H Quartz Ceramic Coating Kit for cars and bikes from WaveX Auto Care Kit consists of a 9H quartz ceramic coating frosted bottle solution, premium suede applicator cloths, foam applicator pad and a 40 X 40 cm, 350...
from Rs. 1,100.00
WaveX Graphene Ceramic Spray Coating 650 ml
Highlights: Pure ceramic spray coating. Not a sealant mixed spray product like other conventional brand products. Cutting edge ultra-durable graphene + SiO2 technology. Extremely strong, durable yet light coating.  DIY and detailer friendly, easy to use super effective, high gloss...
Rs. 6,500.00 Rs. 6,450.00
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