Wavex Matte Finish Maintainer 350ml with Chrome and Metal Polish 350g
Wavex matte finish cleans, enhances and protects the surface without adding any extra shine that would ruin the matte look. Cleans off dirt, dust, fingerprints, grease, and fresh water spots with an ease. Streak free formula that protects the paint...
Rs. 653.00 Rs. 647.00
Wavex Heavy Hard Cut Rubbing Compound 460gm with Final Finish Low Cut High Gloss Rubbing Compound (460gm)
Wavex Heavy Hard Cut Rubbing Compound (460gm) WaveX heavy cut compound is a high-performance compound that leads the field in the removal of sanding marks by lengths. Ideal for professional vehicle detailing and coating. High performance finish thanks to the...
Rs. 803.00 Rs. 723.00
Wavex Brazilian Carnauba Wax car Polish 350gm
Carnauba Wax ploish gives long lasting mirror shine and water beeding protection against weather, salt and corrosion.Restores and protects color and paint of car.Also eliminates minor scratches Car Dashboard Polish cleaner Cleans and Polishes interior of car on rubber leather...
Rs. 1,055.00 Rs. 814.00
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