Wavex Brass Pressure Washer Gun Adapter to 1/4" Quick Connect Fitting
To connect Wavex Foam Lance 1/4" Quick Connect with your pressure washer Includes connector, pipe and quick disconnect
Rs. 899.00
Wavex Brazilian Carnauba Wax Car Polish
Renews your cars paint finish, keeps it looking new exclusive micro polishing agents remove scratches and haze from your car. Also acts as color and headlight restorer. Made from real Brazilian carnauba wax. Gives long lasting mirror shine and water...
Rs. 425.00 from Rs. 316.00
Wavex Brazilian Carnauba Wax car Polish 350gm
Carnauba Wax ploish gives long lasting mirror shine and water beeding protection against weather, salt and corrosion.Restores and protects color and paint of car.Also eliminates minor scratches Car Dashboard Polish cleaner Cleans and Polishes interior of car on rubber leather...
Rs. 1,055.00 Rs. 740.00
Wavex Car and Bike Wash Sponge
1. Extra large figure 8 shaped cleaning sponge that has been specifically designed for vehicle washing. Could also be used for other home washing purposes. 2. Soft yet sturdy car and bike sponge that effectively removes stubbord dirt and debris...
Rs. 390.00 Rs. 245.00
Wavex Car Care Kit Contains Carnauba Wax, Dashboard and Leather Conditioner, Scratch Cleaner, Premium Microfiber Towel, 2- Ultra Fine Foam Applicators
This Car Care Kit consists of the WaveX Carnauba Wax 100 gm, Dashboard and Leather Conditioner Plus Protectant 100 gm, Scratch Cleaner 50 gm, one Microfiber Cloth, and two foam applicators WaveX Carnauba Wax, made from real carnauba leaves, provides...
Rs. 820.00 Rs. 490.00
Wavex Car Care Kit Includes All Hot Selling Products (12 Pcs Kit) All 1 Kg Packs
All the products professionals always reach for to keep their cars and vehicles looking and feeling they are very best. This car care kit is the perfect combination of products to get any first-timer starter, or for any hardcore enthusiast...
Rs. 3,728.00 Rs. 2,650.00
Wavex Car Microfiber Drying Towel,Twisted Loop Cloth 600GSM Superior Absorbency for Cars,Car Care Cleaning Washing Cloth,Rapid Drying, Large Lint-Free (Gray, 40x60cm)
Microfiber twisted loop Car Towel<br>Specifications Size: 40 × 60 cm Composition: 70% polyester, 30% polyamide GSM: 600 grams per square meter Color: gray with black silk banded edges Patterns: Plain dyed Usage: For Car, Airplane, Hotel, Home, Gift, bath, sport,...
Rs. 540.00 from Rs. 390.00
Wavex Car Polish Premium Paste Wax (460g) Includes Microfiber Cloth and Foam Applicator
WaveX premium paste wax is fine blend of natural carnauba wax and high class polymers. As it is a cleaner wax, it contains micro cutting agents which imparts high mirror glaze shine. Highest grade of natural carnauba wax imparts deep...
Rs. 690.00 Rs. 450.00
Wavex Carpet Cleaning Liquid
Rs. 570.00 Rs. 490.00
Wavex Carpet Cleaning Liquid
Wavex Carpet Cleaning Liquid is a premium liquid detergent perfect for cleaning all types of carpets. Premium liquid detergent perfect for cleaning all types of carpets Free-rinsing so as to leave minimal residues on the carpet and it is fast...
Rs. 570.00 Rs. 490.00
Wavex CCK27 All Purpose Car Wash and Gloss Kit, 9 Pcs
An all-purpose car care kit that takes care of your vehicle’s cleaning and polishing needs Kit consists of the WaveX Wash Bucket, Grit Guard, Washing Sponge, Wonder Wash Shampoo, Silicone Glaze, Microfiber Cloth, Yellow Foam Applicator, and Black Applicator WaveX...
Rs. 2,640.00 Rs. 1,599.00
Wavex CCK28 Detailing Bucket Wash and Wax Kit, 8 Pcs
An amazing car care kit that gives you an impeccable washing plus waxing experience Kit consists of the WaveX Wash Bucket, Grit Guard, Washing Sponge, Wonder Wash Shampoo, Carnauba Wax,2 Pcs Microfiber Cloth, and Yellow Foam Applicator WaveX Wash bucket...
Rs. 2,645.00 Rs. 1,580.00
Wavex Chrome and Metal Polish 350 GMS
Wavex Chrome and Metal Polish Restore luster, removes oxidation Makes chrome new like factory fresh Just apply, rub and wipe with a cloth Works great on all types of metallic surfaces like chrome, copper, brass, steel, aluminum, etc. Wavex Instant...
Rs. 548.00 Rs. 493.00
WaveX Clay Bar for Car Stain Removal 100g Each Auto Car Care Cleaning Polishing Clay Bar, Washable Reusable Car Exterior Surface Stain Cleaner
Clay bar kits are one of the most desirable items for auto details and vehicle owners but the problem is, sometimes, you run out of clay bars while still having the clay lubricant spray or vice versa. WaveX Auto Care...
from Rs. 320.00
Wavex Clay Lubricant Spray
Rs. 370.00 from Rs. 365.00
Wavex Clay Lubricant Spray
Wavex Clay Lube is Lubricant Spray that extends life of clay bar as well as offer superior surface lubricity, providing a nice,slick surface for the clay to slide across Wavex Clay Lube Lubricant Spray extends life of clay bar as well...
Rs. 370.00 from Rs. 365.00
Wavex Clay Towel, Fine Grade Auto Detailing Clay Bar Towel Microfiber Claying Towel Car Wash Mitt Clay Bar for Car Care
This magic clay towel for car beauty can easily clean the entire car in just a few minutes removing oxidation, heavy water stains, light rust, break dust, effects of acid rain and tree sap from your car and leaves a...
Rs. 1,050.00 Rs. 650.00
Wavex Dashboard And Leather Conditioner+Protectant
Wavex dashboard and leather conditioner plus protectant is a multi-surface shield for your vehicle's interior. It maintains the supple, fresh texture of vinyl, leather, plastic and rubber while blocking out harmful UV rays. Treated surfaces resist fading, drying and cracking...
Rs. 335.00 from Rs. 295.00
Wavex Dual Action/DA Polisher Machine (W-15) 15mm Orbit, 5 Inch Dual Action Polisher with Variable Speeds, Detachable Handles
Box consists of the 1800-4800 OPM (Orbits Per Minute), 120/240 V buffing machine, 5.75” diameter (1.25” thick) Velcro back buffing pad, a D-curve and a straight handle. Box consists of the 1800-4800 OPM (Orbits Per Minute), 120/240 V buffing machine,...
Rs. 24,999.00 Rs. 21,499.00
Wavex Edgeless Microfiber Towel 400GSM 40X40CM
PREMIUM SUPER SOFT MICROFIBER It’s a great feeling when you have that new car smell and the dashboard and touchscreen are dust-free with a new shine, isn’t it? Trying to keep your sweet ride like new, it’s hard to find...
Rs. 340.00 from Rs. 280.00
WaveX Empty Container Bottles (Pack of 6 Pull-Push Trigger Containers)
Compact, easy to store and carry Export Quality empty spray container with a solid sturdy exterior. Translucent body with description box, allows you to write the name of the solution on the bottle Can store up to 350ml liquid Pull...
Rs. 599.00 Rs. 499.00
Wavex Floor and Multi Surface Cleaner 1L with Neem Oil Extracts
Wavex Quick Shine Floor & Multi Surface Cleaner gives your floor and other hard surfaces an instant clean, deep and rich glow. It not only cleans the surface but also protects by killing germs and bacteria. Works great on all...
Rs. 449.00 Rs. 340.00
Wavex Foam Applicator Sponge
Wavex foam applicator works great for all type of detailing needs. This is recommend to use with all wavex products. Our foam applicators are highly durable, soft and reusable which lasts long. Ideal for use with car polish cream or...
from Rs. 135.00
WaveX Foam Cannon for Pressure Washer, Heavy Duty Car Foam Wash Gun Wide Neck Bottle Snow Professional Foam Lance for Pressure Washer Gun with 1/4'' Quick Connector
Sometimes, a normal bucket wash is just not enough to clean your vehicle. Sure, you can do a good job, but there are certain spots in your cars or bikes that are time consuming, difficult and sometimes, even frustrating to...
Rs. 3,499.00 Rs. 2,990.00
Wavex Glass Cleaner Concentrate Makes 20Ltrs from 1 Ltr
Wavex glass cleaner prime heavy blue concentrate is concentrated glass cleaner. It can be diluted with 19 times water, total you will get 20 liters of ready glass cleaner, which means 40 bottles of 500 ml each. Makes 20 litres...
Rs. 846.00 from Rs. 599.00
Wavex Glass Polish Cum Hard Water Remover 350ml
Wavex Glass Polish cum Hard Water Spot Remover 350ml Gives 100% Optical Clarity to Glass. Helps preventing future stains, spots, and damage. The product works great both with machine and hand use. Clean the surface with glass cleaner and a...
Rs. 939.00 Rs. 845.00
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