WaveX Upholstery and Carpet Cleaner Concentrate
Penetrates deep into fabric and carpet fibers -rich foam lifts soil and debris breaking up dirt and tough stains -restores the plush look and feel of fabric and upholstery. Cleans car fabric seat, home sofa, carpets and all other types...
Rs. 513.00 from Rs. 398.00
Wavex® All Purpose Cleaner and Degreaser Concentrate
Wavex all purpose cleaner and degreaser is heavy duty cleaner for both interior and exterior cleaning applications highly concentrated formula, dilute 30 times for interior applications and 15 times for exterior applications removes dirt, grime and residue without harming the...
from Rs. 320.00
Wavex® Plastic Leather Vinyl Rubber Cleaner
Wavex PLVR Cleaner is all surface car interior and exterior cleaner that deep cleans and sanitize the surface. Works great on all plastics, leather, vinyl, rubber interior and exterior parts which not every time needs polishing but cleaning as well....
from Rs. 279.00
Wavex® Windshield Washer Fluid Concentrate
Wavex® Windshield Washer Fluid contains lubricants, which helps in wiper operation. The solvent dissolves dust and any bug spats over the screen ensuring a squeaky clean windshield.It leaves your windshield clean in an instant and like the best ones, this...
from Rs. 352.00
Wavex® Tyre and Wheel Foaming Cleaner
WaveX tyre and wheel foaming cleaner is a heavy duty, powerful concentrated cleaner tough on grease, grime and brake dust. Gentle formula safe for all wheel types, gloss paint, clear coat finishes, polished metal, chrome and rubber. Powerful concentrated cleaner...
Rs. 350.00 from Rs. 310.00
Wavex® Microfiber Washer Liquid
Rs. 495.00 from Rs. 410.00
Wavex® Microfiber Washer Liquid
WaveX micro fiber washer is the specially formulated detergent for cleaning and restoring of premium micro fiber towels. It easily removes dirt, grease and stains from the towels. Also dissolves wax, polish and other detailing chemicals from the fabric and...
Rs. 495.00 from Rs. 410.00
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